Skydive Trio

2014-05-03 12.10.18sm

Thomas T Dahl: Guitar, Mats Eilertsen: Bass, Olavi Louhivuori: Drums

Started out as a trioversion of the “Skydive quintet”, based on the same material. The trio has developed itself to be it’s own machine, and released it’s first album “Sun Moee” in 2015 and “Sun Sparkle” in 2018. Both on Hubro.

Read The Reviews of SUN SPARKLE and SUN MOEE

Reviews of Skydive Trio Live

Look for Skydive Trio concerts by clicking Skjermbilde 2015-08-24 kl. 17.43.13on the bottom of the page

Questions or Requests to Skydive Trio:


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