VHO (2000 – ) :


  • Harald Dahlstrøm : Keyboards
  • Steinar Krokstad : Drums
  • Thomas T Dahl : Guitar
  • Ole Marius Sandberg : Bass

VHO (Voksne Herrers Orkester) was founded by Harald Dahlstrøm, Yngve Moe (✝ 2013) and Steinar Krokstad. Thomas T Dahl joined the band in 2006, and Ole Marius Sandberg in 2014.

VHO plays every (possible) monday at Logen Bar in Bergen, Norway.

The band, and their monday night performances, has become an institution in Bergen because of it’s loose and inclusive nature. Inviting established artists alongside new, raw talent, or someone who just dreamed about singing that particular song, creates a surprise package that keeps their faithful audience coming back monday after monday.

VHO have also recorded with artists as Terje Nilsen, Jan Eggum and Erik Moll

Some examples:

Elisabeth Moberg: Money Money Money

VHO : Focus II

Francesca Strano : If I ain’t got You

VHO : I’m not in Love

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