Skydive Trio Live in Molde

Romsdals budstikke 12.09.2015 (Original review here)
Top level Skydiving!
 Romsdals Budstikke 120915-kopi
Yes, Storyville Jazz Club swept all doubts aside; top level from day 1 in the fall season. And if this is to be characteristic of what we have in store this autumn, it will become exiting. This “gilt-edged” trio has much to live up to, because Eilertsen has delivered goodies before in Molde, and from the very first song, there was an emidiate connection between audience and musicians, and not the least among the three on stage.
It struck sparks and there was firework sequences throughout the evening which the audience knew to endorse. Technically and musically it took off numerous times, and with such a dynamic, pulsating concert, it  never got boring. Even in the creaky, scraping, rubbing and/or crackling intros we knew that something was coming. And something came with intensity and suggestive rhythm, to finally land beautifully into a lovely little touch or a fluttering melody line at the end of the songs from bassist Mats or the extremely innovative guitarist Thomas T Dahl. Musicians who really dare to explore and adopt their instruments sounds and “bodies” in unfamiliar ways. In their hands, it seemed warm, close and uncomplicated. So what should be said about the smiling, Finnish “rhythm monster» Olavi, then? An incarnation of “musical human touch”, a certain trønder-Odin might have said. Masterful!
In all the “attitude” of the three talented musicians has to be mentioned. Musicians who clearly enjoy themselves in their own and the audience’s presence. They communicate with undisguised joy of playing, and also makes soundscapes to open in its entire range – thanks also to sound engineer Knut Morten Kårevik – This is what we want, over and over again! Sparklingly well!
Reviewed by Ole Foss