All @ Geilo

This week has been a fantastic journey, being a part of the icemusic festival at Geilo. 

First part of the week I was overseing the work that my students from the Grieg Academy did, building ice instrument and finaly playing two fantastic concerts alongside vibraphone player Ivar Kolve inside an ice igloo built by students from Institute of design, (UiB). Something else!

Musicians from the Grieg Academy (UiB): Martin Wright Thorsen, Gabriela Garrubo and Mathias Marstrander

My project this was to have a ice guitar built. Bill and his Ice building crew did a tremendous job creating something that works like a lapsteel, but looking like…

And the concert with Grzech Piotrowski on saxophones, Steinar Raknes on Bass, Snorre Bjerck on congas and myself on the amazing Winterrose Guitar…


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