Releases 2020

So..not much Live activity after march 13th. A good decision considering the tenacity of Covid-19. On the other hand, there has been a few releases. Here’s a backwards runthrough:

Odin Staveland. A selfmade genius (no, not self-discovered), also known as a part of Norwegian folkrock band VAMP. Odin made a commissioned work for Sildajazz in 2019 called “Sillajass”. I got to play guitar and arrange horns. The first single Og det blei mørkt (with Chris Holm on the Bass, and Kjetil Ulland from ABC Studio engineering) is out now. The album will be here october 16th. Sad that google translate can’t translate lyrics from audio yet…Or can they? Anyway, this guy is something else, I tell You…

…and then the second single “Blå Øyner

A fun new acquaintance, Tribino! Well that’s not quite true, since I’ve known his parents since before he was born. But it’s always great to see new talent unveil itself. Tribino: Lift Off EP (Duper Studio). Played the guitars on Mirrors.

Longtime employers Ephemera released their first album in 15 years, Seasons (Ephemera Records), in the spring, and the EP Seconds EP (Ephemera Records) in august with “Rhythm” as a single, where I had fun playing some slide.

Ephemera’s Christine Sandtorv also released a followup to the acoustic album I Mellom Skyer (Ifemmera Records) with Hei Menneske (Ifemmera Records). Same personnel as the last one. Christine, and myself on guitars, Anders Bitustøyl on bass, Kjetil Møster on saxes and Iver Sandøy producing (and percussion).

First out was Lowe: Get me sane (1816). Wenche Losnegård recorded this way back in 2012. One of the most inspired sessions I’ve attended, with great musicians like Jørn Øien, Sondre Meisfjord, Per Oddvar Johansen, Rolf Erik Nystrøm and Stian Carstensen. The fantastic Erlend Fauske (RIP) engineered it in Lydriket in Bergen.

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