review Adresseavisa Trondheim Norway

Reviewed by Trygve Lundemo 5/6
Soft and melodious
Melodic and elegant album with a brilliant guitarist in the driving seat.
Finally guitarist Thomas T Dahl stands forward as frontman on a whole album – and in concert with Skydive Trio at Moskus tonight. He has been a key man in Norwegian jazz ever since he studied Jazz in the 1990s, but primarily as a helper and supporter in other bands.
He has visited a number of genres from jazz to pop modernist (Ephemera) and rock (Highasakite).
On “Sun Moee” the jazz guitarist Dahl reveals himself in a way we rarely haveheard before. He plays high and low, soft and melodic, sometimes with greater energy. He has a knack for creating strong, low-key moods that enables my associations to go to Bill Frisell.
Skydive is basically bassist Mats Eilertsen project, but when they act under the name Skydive Trio, it is thus Dahl unfolds to the greatest extent. He and Eilertsen has composed three songs each on the album, and of course the bass is present in a high degree. The two fit together, sharing a melodic, slightly meditative approach to what they’re doing. And they even put a completely separate stamp on Portishead- song “Sour Times”.
In addition, they brought the young Finnish drummer Olavi Louhivuori, which strongly supports the soft play of stings. When giving this album a little time, a number of beautiful moments reveals itself.
Highlight: “Talbot”

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