review in Dag og Tid

Review of “Sun Moee” in Dag og Tid (NO) 27.02.15

One can certainly say that these three musicians fit into any musical setting they take part in, both together and separately, but on this CD they harvest from many years of collaboration. Like the saying “birds of a feather flock together”. Most of the time together the trio has been a part of Mats Eilertsen quartet or quintet where Tore Brunborg and the Finnish pianist Alexi Tuomarila participates.

Room For Dahl

The trio format provides a special room for Dahl. One could certainly add – finally. In addition to being a manifestation of brilliant interplay, the CD throws light over a diverse guitarist with a lot on his heart. Already Dahl has shown himself from the Krøyt-days and in BMX,  where he has had plenty of room to experiment, but with this trio release the picture becomes more complete. One of the most fascinating things are the relatively long solos where Dahl reveals a rare narrative potential. The Portishead- song “Sour Times” and Dahl “Sun Moee” are brilliant examples of this. The latter is a study in slow pace and effective breaks.

High standard

In addition to the Portishead song and a song from Louhivuori, Eilertsen and Dahl delivers three contributions each. The material is varied and is of high standard. The opening track “Bravo” (Eilertsen) was a pleasant déjà vu to Marc Johnson Bass Desire and the hit song “Samurai Hee Haw.” But this is from beginning to end, Thomas T. Dahl record. Brilliantly played throughout. A record for far more than the guitar oriented audience.

LarsMossafinn, Dag og Tid

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