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Tough from above

SkyDive Trio is an exceptionally tough organism where two of our best men have gotten excellent Finnish help.

SkyDive Trio has something special to offer.

In 2011, bassist Mats Eilertsen released the excellent album “SkyDive”. The quintet consisted of Tore Brunborg on saxophones and pianist Alexi Tuomarila in addition to guitarist Thomas T Dahl and drummer Olavi Louhivuori.

Now Dahl has taken control and “only” Eilertsen and Louhivuori are remaining. I can promise you that it is not “only”! Thomas T Dahl studied jazz in Trondheim, as did Eilertsen, and has proved himself more than worthy in bands like Krøyt, BMX and Dingobats. Yet he has been among those who have had the power to pass under the famous radar – something that should be set straght after “Sun Moee” has seen the light. We are talking about a band here, with music and a guitarist who keeps very high international class.

Dahl and Eilertsen has written three songs each, Louhivuori one, and in addition we get a lovely version of Portishead-song “Sour Times”. Everything is hot, melodic, seeking, personal and something infinitely beautiful.

Eilertsen with his big and warm bass tone and Louhivuori with its light and extremely receptive drumming, suits Dahls various guitar expressions in the best possible way, and SkyDive Trio should as quickly as possible become a staple, both on national and international scenes.

How Thomas T Dahl has managed to avoid the big attention, or rather how we all have managed to avoid giving him the attention until now is a mystery there is little to do something with. However, it is possible to do something with it from now on – “Sun Moee” has everything needed to be a classic.

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