review Rogalands Avis/Dagsavisen

Reviewed by Roald Helgheim
“Trio from above”
In Skydive Trio the eminent guitarist Thomas Dahl stands forward as a musical leader of format.
From the first song “Bravo” he sets the tone with guitarplaying we know, both from earlier albums with bassist Mats Eilertsen, from band Krøyt where he made breakthrough with Kristin Asbjornsen and several others. The three in Skydive Trio, with Eilertsen on bass and Olavi Louhivuori on drums, has prior to this recording played together on Eilertsen “Radio Yonder” and “Sky Dive”. In Skydive Trio Dahl is in the front seat on “Sun Moee”, with only guitarplaying, both electric and acoustic, that makes him a distinguished adventure to listen to. In an ensemble where Dahl has written three songs, Eilertsen three, the Finnish phenomenon Louhivuori one song “Four Words” and Portishead “Sour Times” is a loan. There is music where I like to listen not thinking about genre, but on a large diversity, from a guitarist who’s merit list has bands like BMX with Per Jørgensen, Dingobats with Eirik Hegdal and a row others, since he came out of jazzeducation in Trondheim. On “Sun Moee» he is for the first time presented as a leader and driving force in a band, according to the publisher. Then it is on high time.

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