A good week…

Three releases in one week. I think that’s a personal record.

First, my childhood friend Kjell Harald Litangen released his second solo album “A Fine Line”, where I had the pleasure of contributing both on the guitar and with some co-writing. The song is called “Full Circle”, and indeed it is. The album has a bunch of great guests. Listen here:

The day after, singer/songwriter Heidi Lambach released her first full album “Hjerter som vil”. The album was produced by Steinar Krokstad, who also played drums and sang. Ole Marius Sandberg played bass. Daniel Birkeland did the recording in Havnelageret Studio. Listen here:

Hjerter Som Vil (CD)

Today, Doddo, poet, singer/songwriter from Bergen the first of 6 singles leading up to the full album, “Ballader fra et ekteskap” in March 2022. It’s called “Familiefabrikk“. Also recorded by Daniel Birkeland in Havnelageret Studio. String arrangement by Ørjan Matre. Listen here: