Jan Eggum – Hold ut, Hold På

Jan Eggum - Hold Ut, Hold På (CD)
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A boyhood dream come true. Jan Eggum is “The” Norwegian singer/songwriter. His guitarstyle, comping his own songs is something every guitarplayer with some selfrespect needs to know in Norway 😁

I was asked by producer Geir Luedy to join this session, joining Anders Engen on drums/percussion, Audun Erlien on bass (also long time heroes of mine), and for me a new acquaintance , Espen Gundersen on piano/keys. Guesting was also another hero of mine, Bendik Hofseth og the saxophone! Bucketlist party!

The sessions where very intuitive. Great playing, listening and interaction. And we recorded the 10 songs on the album in 2,5 days in Stable Studios with Leif Johansen engineering.

Geir Luedy Produced and mixed, and I contributed to the final mixing process.

Really happy to be involved.

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